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Digital isn't just websites and mobile apps anymore.  It's a kaleidoscope of 360 degree experiences using touch points - chatbots, wearables, augmented + virtual reality, IOT (Internet of Things), and more!  Because things are rapidly and perpetually changing it's our desire to stay on this cutting edge and help others transform these tools and trends into an agile strategy to meet individual and organizational goals.  Plus, we just enjoy deep learning, innovation, and being on the digital edge.  So be on the ready... it's coming at you fast!!!!!

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JASA Media 360 fuses solutions from the arts, emergent media, computer science, engineering, electronic music and digital art research, practice, production, which allows an unparalleled opportunity for working at the frontiers of art, science, and technology, where new interactive art forms are born and new expressive media are invented.

Let's Close the Deal

JASA works collaboratively with private, and non-profit clients to explore branding, advertising, communication, and cause related projects using proprietary systems that push the limits of what is possible by combining art, science, engineering, and theory, that influence culture in artistic, engineering, production/direction, educational, and research contexts.  But most importantly as practical solutions that work for you!

Digital Operatives

Ad Vantage Associates

AdVantage Associates is a strategic Consulting firm specializing in traditional web-based solutions for businesses, non-profits, community organizations, and government agencies.  We have been especially successful in the public service, health, safety, tourism, hospitality, housing, entertainment, and real estate industries.  AdVantage Associates works globally to create a seamless connection between an organization's culture, brands, media, products, and stakeholders.  The AdVAntage approach is to move clients towards strategic-level partnerships and integrated services that yield significant results.  

Ad Academy


The Ad Academy partners recent VisCom grads with current students to tackle a marketing, branding, or communication challenge for a local  not-for-profit or community service organization during the summer months. Clients have included Beyond Our Borders, Connecting for Good, and FreeWheels for Kids. The Academy work has successfully helped non-profits raise awareness and meet communication goals while providing current students a chance for real-world “live assignments” and recent grads an opportunity to give back. The Ad Academy work with Beyond Our Borders received a Gold Award in the International MARCOM Competition. http://www.avila.edu/viscom/news/beyondourborders.asp  


Center for Digital Inclusion

  The Center for Media & Digital Inclusion is primarily an innovation and research center that studies, designs, and showcases ways to use digital media as creative tools to advance public knowledge; support individual and community action; as well as advocate for digital inclusion. The Center intends to bridge boundaries between users, scholars, producers and communication practitioners across media production, media impact, public policy and audience engagement. The Center produces and makes available resources for the industry and academic research; convenes conferences and events; and works collaboratively to understand and design media that matters to underserved individuals and communities. In addition to hosting events, conferences and working groups, the Center maintains a Web and social media presence that serves as a clearinghouse of resources for community leaders, health practitioners, filmmakers, activists and scholars. The Center also seeks to publish research, create codes of best practices, and incubate socially engaged media strategies.  

JASA World

Snorgrass Speaks!

 J. Anthony Snorgrass, PhD., joined the Avila University School of Visual and Communications Arts faculty after having built a strong reputation in strategic account planning, branding, advertising, promotion, and media.  Joseph’s unique and diverse background, which includes over thirty (30) years professional experience as a public service executive, corporate executive, entrepreneur, and educator in various communication venues, including stints as Executive Vice President of Muller + Company which specializes in advertising and design for retail and corporate clientele; and President of AdVantage Associates  a firm dedicated to providing non-profits and cause related advertising and programming.  A hallmark of his work at Muller + Company included full responsibility for the $39 million multi-media Missouri Tourism Account, which included nation-wide and international branding and advertising where he worked in collaboration with Al Reis, noted author and brand guru.  He has also provided consulting services to many area and international not-for-profit and profit organizations, including branding and advertising services for the American Jazz Museum, the Housing Authority of KCMO, the Republic of Zimbabwe; Camp Fire, the Capper Foundation, the KCK Board of Public Utilities; the KC Library System, State of Kansas Department of Health & Environment’s Lead Poison Prevention Program, Swope Parkway Health Center, and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation.  

  His entrepreneurial spirit has lead to the establishment of four businesses - Ad Vantage Associates, JoS.A.Snorgrass & Associates, JASA Management & Training Consultants and J's Haberdashery & Clothiers.  He has previously taught graduate and undergraduate level courses in communications, leadership, marketing, management, government, and planning at the University of Kansas, Auburn University, Alabama State University, Alabama A&M University, Park University, and as an adjunct faculty member for Avila University’s Communications Department.      Dr. Snorgrass is an outstanding scholar and has been a dynamic faculty member as an Associate Professor in the School of Visual and Communication Arts.  He has continued to expand his scholarly and research pursuits through academic conference presentations, exhibits, expert testimony, and publication.    Snorgrass is among the innovative international groups of scholars that have examined how digital media transform the processes and effects of persuasive communication. He enjoys a stellar professional experience in advertising and branding which has contributed to his dynamic approach to teaching at the collegiate level, which he coined as “edutainment”. Founded in equal parts theory and practical expertise, Snorgrass considers himself a “pra-cademic” where he is able to also blend real-world strategy with emerging digital media trends.   

  Although Dr. Snorgrass shuns public acknowledgement, notoriety and awards for his work, he has been the recipient of many local, national and international awards and recognitions.     Recent Appointments & Advisory Services   o Ethics Commissioner, Kansas City, Kansas Wyandotte County Ethics Commission, 2007-11 (four year term).   o Connecting for Good-“Bridging the Digital Divide”, Constituent Training and Technical Advisory, February 2014 – present    o Chairman, Marketing Committee, Center for Assistive Technology, 2005-2008   o Board Member, Coalition for Independence, 2005-2008   o Jurist, National League of Cities, “All American Cities” Competition, 2010    o Facilitator, Urban Summit for Missouri State and Local Legislators, January 2008.   o Worked with Avila University Ad Agency Review Team and provided input on the branding and marketing initiative, 2013, 2014.   o Part of the Avila University selection and interview team for the AVP, Marketing & Communications position, 2013.  


JASA-Media 360 Data, Analytics & Visualization

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist, wrong!  Maybe you just asked the wrong question or quierred Google in a sub-optimal manner.  Let us help you find what you want and  clearly list and describe the services you need or offer.  We call it cerebral branding - aka Brain Tattoos!.



AdVantage Associates means Super Bowl Ads

AdVantage Associates is a strategic Consulting firm specializing in traditional web-based solutions for businesses, non-profits, community organizations, and government agencies.




Center for Digital Inclusion

The Center for Media & Digital Inclusion is primarily an innovation and research center that studies, designs, and showcases ways to use digital media as creative tools to advance public knowledge; support individual and community action; as well as advocate for digital inclusion.




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all [I.Z.E.] on you

The process begins with research, but goes much further, synthesizing available information and balancing conflicting missions and viewpoints. The [IZE]™ emerges step-by-step so everyone participates and can track progress. The process is intensive as it requires wiping the slate clean, throwing out old assumptions to make room for new TRUTHS.   [IZE]™ works for advertising, branding, mission development, and representation strategies alike. 

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But it takes a lot more than passion and vision to drive success, you must put the right resources in place, at the right time, to the right audience, to create success. You need help (we all do). You need partnership (the right ones). You need willing and skilled ambassadors. To find out if we’re a good fit for your current goals, schedule a meeting (phone or in person) and let’s get acquainted.

In the simplest  terms, brand excitement is necessary to help clients reach new audiences and to serve the greater good. Education moves us forward and entrepreneurship is its best vehicle. We endeavor to be a key resource in brand positioning, ambassadorship and education so that the right resources reach the right people in plenty of time for action. It’s your movement.


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